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Our Mission

As part of our mission to answer God’s call, we instill hope and a sense of safety by sheltering our global neighbors. The Sukup Safe T Home® provides safety, security and opportunity through engineering solutions.

After the devastating earthquake in 2010, which left 600,000 people injured or homeless in Haiti, Sukup Manufacturing Co teamed up with GoServ Global to help provide people with a sturdy and secure structure to call home. “It was a simple decision when our safety director, Brett Nelson, asked me whether he could pursue bin homes for relief efforts,” said Steve Sukup, vice president/chief financial officer at Sukup Manufacturing Co. “We are a family-owned company with family values and feel proud to contribute.” From there Brett Nelson and Brad Poppen spent the next year and a half developing what is now called the Safe T Home®.

Now there are more than 300 Safe T Home® units in Haiti alone. “The whole idea behind the Safe T Home® was to take the same engineering principles we use to help farmers protect their crop from the harsh weather conditions of the Midwest, and apply them to provide safe and secure shelters for people in underdeveloped parts of the world,” Charles Sukup, president of Sukup Manufacturing Co. commented about the Safe T Home®, “We are very proud of the design of the Safe T Home® and how it held up in the worst hurricane to hit Haiti in over 50 years.” Hurricane Matthew put the strength of the Safe T Home® to the test with winds reaching up to 145 mph, being categorized as one of the most powerful Atlantic hurricanes in recent history. After the storm had passed, 100% of Safe T Home® units were standing strong with just minimal damage, while only about 10% of traditional homes remained. The Safe T Home® units saved countless lives as community members crammed into the space to ride out the storm (as many as 60 people in one home).

“In this day and age where you usually have to dig through financial disclosures to see where your charitable contributions are going, it is refreshing to know that our Safe T Homes and GoServ Global are truly saving lives.” says Emily Schmitt, general counsel, a third-generation Sukup family member. “It only encourages us to further expand our efforts, and next time we hope it can save even more.” Her husband Andy Schmitt, also a third-generation Sukup family member working as head of Sukup Supply Chain says, “When you’re given the opportunity to help or serve someone, take it. You’ll get far more out of that than you will be doing something for yourself. Life is about relationships and community and being there for others.”


About Sukup Manufacturing

Sukup Manufacturing Co. is the world’s largest family-owned and operated grain storage, drying and handling equipment manufacturer.

The company is headquartered in Sheffield, Iowa. The company employs more than 600 people, making it one of the largest employers in North Central Iowa. Three generations of the family are now active in the business.


About GoServ Global

Co-founded in 2011 by an Iowa farmer and a missionary in the wake of a devastating earthquake in Haiti, GoServ Global is a non-denominational faith-based based 501(c)(3) registered organization that provides essential humanitarian aid to the most vulnerable in communities around the world.

Visit https://goservglobal.org/about-us/ to learn more.


Our Partnership

Sukup Manufacturing Co. and GoServ Global are bringing the Sukup Safe T Home® to countries around the world that are at risk to natural disasters. One of the founders of GoServ Global is an Iowa farmer who uses Sukup products. These two Iowa companies discovered a mutual desire to use their time and talents to provide these shelters to women, children, and families who need a safe place to live.

Sukup is responsible for manufacturing the homes and preparing them to ship around the world. GoServ primarily manages the in-country logistics and plans to construct homes.


You can get involved too!

Other organizations, like the Audubon, Iowa chapter of Future Farmers of America (FFA) and Imagine Missions have traveled to Haiti on mission trips to build Safe T Homes®. Families, churches, and individual volunteers have as well. Contact us to find out more!

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